Dating someone with anxiety

Dating these days can be difficult enough, without adding mental illness to it. Online dating brings with it so many situations that leave you wondering who is on the other end of their phone or computer. Many who have anxiety, panic, agoraphobia, OCD, might feel more comfortable behind a screen sharing about themselves, rather than in person.

I am a firm believer in being honest with anyone you meet, whether in person, or online. That being said, I do understand why someone might keep information to themselves instead of telling a potential partner right away about what they walk with. I, personally, have always been upfront with my anxiety issues. It is what it is, and I need an understanding guy in my life that gets that.

I think even though one might get anxious in crowds, or maybe has a trigger that can send them into a panic attack, they also probably have so many good qualities in them. Once someone gets to know you, and sees all those great things about you, then your anxiety might be become quite minor to them. I have had potential partners ask how they can help me when I have an anxiety attack. That is a huge plus when a partner takes a true interest in helping you through your rough patches.

I think most of us have some form of anxiety, mental illness and we have no right to judge.

It comes down to what you are comfortable with, and if someone fits in with your personality. If they fit into your life. Just because you have anxiety does not mean you have to settle, or that you are not worthy of a happy relationship.

I would never want someone staying with me because they felt sorry for me, and I would never want someone who did not want to be with me, worry about how to end a relationship with me, because of my anxiety. The rules to dating are pretty much the same for all of us, anxiety or not. You want someone in your life who makes you feel good, who is willing to invest time in the relationship, and someone that understands there might be reactions to actions. One of my triggers is the sound of an angry man's voice, loud and yelling. I can be sent into a full blown anxiety attack from that. Needless to say, dating a loud man, might not work for me.

I believe there is someone for everyone, and being patient and waiting for that special someone to come along, and understand the essence of you, will happen. Everything happens in it's own time. Never compromise who you are, and what you want in a relationship, because you suffer with a mental illness. There is someone who will love you just the way you are.

Do not allow any abuse in your life because you think you cannot do better, or because you think no one else will want you with a mental illness. I am here to tell you, you have value, you have so much worth, and you will find that missing puzzle piece that makes you feel complete.

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