Maxine Brown started her life journey like many, going through difficult times. She spent 7.5 yrs growing up in the Foster care system and moved out on her own at 14 yrs.


She had many years of horrific abuse, both mentally and physically. Maxine never gave up, though she wanted to at times, she believed life could get better. Tomorrow could be a better day.


Maxine, as a child, and through the years, was overwhelmed with anxiety and panic attacks. Some days she could not leave her home. She collapsed several times at School, and once while babysitting. She was rushed to the hospital, where they put her on valium to fix the problem. This was an addictive bandaid, solving zero problems. 

Everyday was a struggle, everyday hurt. Some days she could not get out of bed. 


Maxine went on to become a proud mum of 4 incredible kids. Three boys and a girl.  Today they are four amazing young people. They gave her life and a reason to get up every morning. They still do.


She hid her pain from her kids along with her fears. She would attend School events for them,  and sit in the aisle, near the exit, just in case her anxiety became too much that she needed to run. Daily life was exhausting.


Maxine made a promise to herself when she was very young, that she would one day make a difference in this life. That she would help others like herself, help them learn to cope and heal.  She longed to make a difference. 


That day has finally come.


Her brainchild, Anxiety focus cards, are a tool to help calm you. By redirecting your focus off of your anxiety and panic. Therefore beginning the healing process. Anxiety focus cards redirect your thoughts to what you are looking at, so you focus on the now and what you see in front of you, allowing the physical symptoms that come instantaneously with anxious thoughts to subside. This allows you to calm down, control your breathing and gain back your control. 

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